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Stretch of the month: Prone trapezius stretch

Our stretch of the month series aims to show you how to safely work on your aching or over-worked muscles through stretching. Coupled with regular massage, stretching can help warm the body up, reduce the risk of injury, and even calm you down!

This month’s muscle is: The trapezius

What does this muscle do?

The trapezius is one of the major back muscles, responsible for moving, rotating, and stabilising the shoulder blade.  It also helps to extend the neck.  There are two trapezius muscles that are symmetrical and meet at the spine.

How can it be stretched?

Prone V Arm Lift Tips will help target and stretch the trapezius muscles.

  1. Lie face down with forehead on a towel roll with arms extended up into a V.
  2. With your thumbs up, lift arms, focus on lifting from your mid-back and not the upper shoulders.
  3. Build up until you can do 20 reps of this exercise.


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