Here’s What Our Clients Have To Say …

Clare is Amazing!

My first time at Revival Massage and I was blown away by Clare’s massage techniques, she is absolutely AMAZING and has a beautiful energy, highly professional and made me feel comfortable right from when I walked in. Thank you Clare xx

Robyn is a highly experienced and knowledgeable therapist!

Like many older people I have ongoing issues resulting from sporting and other injuries, incurred years ago. On and off, over the last 20 years, I have seen many medical and allied health professionals, none who have been able to provide a long term solution. However over a year ago I began seeing Robyn who has worked, with me, to manage my condition and ensure that I can continue to lead a full life. Robyn is a highly experienced and knowledgeable therapist who takes a holistic approach to her practice and has a genuine concern for her clients.

Revival Massage fixes me every time!

I am a yoga teacher and so looking after my body is paramount to my job. Regular massage is key to this but it is also much more. If I am feeling tired, sore, lacking energy or even have a particular injury having a massage with Viv has fixed me every time. I am so grateful for their knowledge, energy and genuine care. Thank you!

I am addicted to my sessions with Robyn!

I’ve had back issues for a long time and tried Osteopaths, chiropractors and ‘Mall Massages’.  After visiting the doctor about headaches and being told to try professional massage, I popped into Revival to check it out.  It’s the best thing I’ve done for my back!  Robyn is a highly professional Massage Therapist.  Her friendly and engaging personality immediately puts you at ease, and she takes great interest in medical history and body issues so she can target problems correctly.  Robyn is totally focused on healing, always ready to refer a client on if necessary.  Since starting massage, my body feels less tense and tight, more relaxed and I have improved flexibility. I am addicted to my sessions with Robyn and would highly recommend her to anyone with back issues, willing to try an alternative to manipulation techniques.

Fantastic massage!

I had my massage from Viv – the owner of Revival, she put me at ease right away with her friendly personality and not only tailored the massage to my stress points (shoulders and neck from too much time at the computer) but gave me tips for ways to ease stress points myself as well. She takes a holistic approach and while providing immediate relief, takes a long term view to health and wellbeing – her therapy is not just a band aid!

I would recommend Revival unreservedly.

Great Massages!

My husband and I know we always get a great massage at revival. The booking system is very easy to use . I always leave feeling do much better.

Viv is tops!

I have a terrible tendency to slouch at my computer all day at work and lug my rather heavy two-year-old around all weekend. As a result, by the
time I find myself on Viv’s massage table I’m usually in fairly bad shape and in need of some targeted massage to ease the pain. Viv is great at identifying the problem points on my back and neck and at the end of my hour I always leave feeling relaxed and somehow looser, moving around is suddenly pleasant again! I would recommend a massage with Viv to anyone suffering muscle tension from being stuck at the desk all day- she is tops!

Good Strong Massage!
Just had a super massage at Revival, my therapist had great manner and a good strong massage. great hire! She has a lovely way about her and super strong, she showed me some stretches as well. She’s a keeper!

Highly recommend!
I have had an ongoing back problem mainly due to poor posture at work for the last 5 years. I have been to a chiropractor, received physiotherapy and taken drugs to help with the pain. I have been receiving treatment from Rea Jarai for the last couple of months working on the muscles in my back and shoulder, I still have small issues but my back and shoulder are the best they have been in years. I would highly recommend the therapeutic benefits of using the service she provides especially if your problem is muscular in nature.

Far less joint stiffness and muscle relief!
I recently visited Rea at Revival Massage Therapy hoping for some relief from tight and aching upper back and neck muscles that were impacting on my sleep, movement and general well being.  As I have aged, the years of spinal and neck manipulations had left my back stiff and my muscles tight and achy. I wasn’t having too many comfortable days or nights.  Rea’s massage has given me far less joint stiffness and muscle relief. I am regaining much more movement and mobility in these locked up areas with less discomfort.  I Sleep so much better.  Rea’s positive belief that massage plays a huge part in healing your body and her total overall holistic individual approach has bought a very positive improvement to my general well being and the physical ‘wear & tear’ conditions that were affecting me daily.
I have no hesitation in recommending Rea , an excellent therapist dedicated to the integrity of the benefit of massage.

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