Awareness through Movement® Lessons

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Awareness through Movement® – Group

Awareness through Movement® Lessons – GROUP (via zoom)

Grounded in comfort
– An introductory series of awareness through movement® in uncertain times. 

A series to explore comfort in your body, calmness in your mind and fullness in your breath. 

45-60min group lessons – via zoom.  A series of lessons chosen to help you begin to understand the principles of The Feldenkrais method, begin to spark your curiosity about the way that you move and to down regulate your nervous system at a time when stress is high for so many reasons for so many people. A little bit of self care amongst the chaos. 


WHEN :  We dont currently have an ATM series running. 

Nothing is permanent about our behavior patterns except our belief that they are so. ― Moshé Feldenkrais

Complimentary Awareness through Movement® lesson – The Self Hug

Back-lying, learning to use the feet – and later, the arms in a self-hug position – to roll the body and reach to the sides.

Taught by Viv Butler as part of a series of ‘Free yourself from Neck and Back pain’

November 2019

Cost: FREE

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Some things to remember when doing an ATM® lesson:
• Lie down on a carpeted floor, or smooth blanket or mat – you want to be comfortable but to be able to sense the feedback that the floor is giving you.  Have a towel or 2 handy for under your head should you need it.

Breathe, relax, and take your time. The lessons are designed to prompt neuroplastic changes in your brain, rewiring habits of movement and awareness to create more effective and pleasurable self-use.
Move slowly and start with small movements – pay attention to the quality of the movements rather than the range or the speed at which you can do them
• Never continue movements or configurations that increase your discomfort – If you do experience pain or discomfort make the movement slower and smaller or do the movement in your imagination
• If you “get lost” it’s usually best just to wait until the directions clarify things. After all, that’s what the live students did when the lesson was recorded!