Meet The Team

Viv Butler

Viv Butler

Business Owner | Feldenkrais Method® Practitioner I Massage Therapist

movement and postural education(The Feldenkrais method®) private lessons and classes, remedial/therapeutic, pregnancy, deep tissue, sports & relaxation massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial cupping.

Available in Te Atatu- Wednesdays, Thursdays & Riverhead - Tuesdays(Feldenkrais® only)

Phone : 021816338
Email : [email protected]

Viv is currently only taking new Feldenkrais clients and has a waiting list so if you cant find a time that suits you send her a message and she will get in touch when something comes up!

Viv is the owner of Revival Massage and Movement and the co-owner of Restore Wellbeing, a space she created with her business partner to provide a range of natural and holistic health options under one roof.  She is a talented massage therapist who doesn’t shy away from a challenge; be it a stubborn knot, pulled muscle or the build-up of tension from stresses at home or work. Viv is also a movement detective, helping people solve the riddle of where their discomfort truly lies, and then working her magic to free people from pain.

If you find yourself suffering from ongoing headaches, or tension in the upper back, neck and shoulders, Viv would love to work with you.   She relishes a challenge and brings a wealth of knowledge to the table.  

As well as her Massage qualifications Viv also is a certified practitioner in The Feldenkrais Method® and combines her decade of knowledge and experience in the Massage Therapy field with using neuroplasticity to teach movement and awareness, creating possibilities for new neural pathways and changes in lifelong habitual movement patterns. She loves working with clients to help them better understand how awareness of their day to day movement is affecting them and how having different movement options could serve them better and help them to manage and alleviate pain, stress and anxiety. Viv offers one on one Functional Integration® Lessons and teaches group Awareness through Movement® lessons and workshops in the community.

 She has worked extensively with a wide range of people including pregnant women, athletes, office workers as well as people in desperate need of a little rest and relaxation. A massage treatment or Feldenkrais® lesson with Viv will leave you feeling a new sense of mobility, delivering you freedom of movement and the tools needed to take the best possible care of your precious body.

Robyn Carley

Robyn Carley

Massage Therapist, Bowen Practitioner

remedial/therapeutic, pregnancy, deep tissue, sports & relaxation massage, trigger point therapy, bowen therapy

Robyn is one of the fantastic massage therapists working at Revival Massage Therapy.  Robyn loves helping those in pain find comfort and relief through massage, she is a wonderfully skilled therapist and with over 16 years Remedial massage experience, she really has a knack for isolating points of stress in the body and working these areas effectively to treat pain and tension.  Robyn thrives on working with people dealing with chronic or acute stress and is extremely talented at working intuitively with her clients to calm their nervous system to help reduce their stress levels as well as effectively treat the symptoms that go along with it such as neck and shoulder tension, back pain or reduced movement.  Robyn will make you feel great on the table, through relaxation massage or through targeted work on tight or stressed muscles due to postural reasons.

Using her 7 years of experience in Bowen Therapy, as well as her recent and ongoing training in both Craniosacral therapy and Contact Care, Robyn will ensure that she will give you a truly holistic treatment. She has worked extensively with a wide range of people including office workers, sports people, as well as people suffering from trauma and mental illness.

If you wish to get some control over how you manage stress,  stiffness and pain in your body, then Robyn is the therapist for you. She will ensure you get off the massage table equipped with information that will help you ease future discomfort at home or work or manage your ongoing stress levels . She is driven by the idea of whole body health and wellness and is always ready to offer some tips on how to improve your physical or mental health so that you get the most out of your massage session.

Clare Srihanan

Clare Srihanan

Massage Therapist

remedial/therapeutic, pregnancy, deep tissue, sports & relaxation massage, trigger point therapy, hot stones

Clare is a talented and empathetic massage therapist who loves working with trigger points as a way to alleviate muscular pain. Her friendly disposition ensures you feel relaxed and rested on the massage table, and her skilled approach to massage therapy will help you identify true points of pain in your body.

Clare’s excellent deep tissue and remedial massage skills leave her clients feeling suitably kneaded and ready to take on the world with less pain and better mobility!

If you want the worries of the world to melt away, a relaxation massage with Clare could be just the ticket. She loves incorporating a relaxing component to all of her massages including the more remedial treatments , her healing hands will rub away the tensions associated with repetitive office work, or simply the stresses of modern life.

Clare seeks out points of dysfunction within your body and then strives to remedy the grief these tight knots may be giving you. If you want to rediscover true freedom of movement, book in to see Clare today.