Movement and Postural Education (Feldenkrais®)

The aim is a person who is organized to move with minimum effort and maximum efficiency, not through muscular effort, but through increased consciousness of how movement works.

Moshe Feldenkrais, D. Sci., 1904-1984

Movement and Postural Education

The Feldenkrais Method®

The Feldenkrais Method® is a form of neuromuscular reeducation.  When someone wants to reduce pain, recover from an injury, or improve aspects of themselves (usually movement, balance, posture, flexibility, or performance related), a Feldenkrais lesson addresses the whole person – not just the symptom – by eliciting changes in the nervous system. Scientists call this process “neuroplasticity,” which is the brain’s extraordinary ability to acquire more efficient patterns of movement and action if given the right learning environment. Nothing creates that environment like the Feldenkrais Method.

With this method, you can improve your comfort and ease, increase your range of motion, improve your flexibility and coordination, and rediscover your innate capacity for graceful, efficient movement. By expanding the self-image through movement sequences and directed attention, the method enables you to include more of yourself in your movements. Students become aware of their habitual neuromuscular patterns and rigidities, and learn to move in new ways.

Anyone seeking  efficient, sustainable movement and posture with less pain and greater self-awareness will benefit from the method. Adults and Children with Neurological conditions such as Cerebral Palsy, Stroke & Parkinsons also find Feldenkrais life changing.  Since how you move is how you move through life, these improvements will often enhance our students thinking, emotional regulation, and problem-solving capabilities, which brings great relief and empowerment to people battling with mental health issues.

What are the benefits?

• Relief from tension and muscular pain
• Easier and fuller breathing
• Greater relaxation and well-being
• Improved performance in sport, dance, music and drama
• Greater ease in everyday activities
• Increased vitality

Learn more about the benefits of The Feldenkrais Method® here and for further reading, try The Feldenkrais Research Journal.

Functional Integration® (private lessons)

Feldenkrais® private sessions are known as Functional Integration® (FI®) lessons. In Functional Integration, the teacher guides an individual student in movement lessons using gentle, non-invasive touch as the primary means of communication.

In a Functional Integration lesson, the Feldenkrais teacher’s touch reflects to the student how they currently organize their body and actions. They suggest, through gentle touch and movement, expanded possibilities for new movement patterns which are more comfortable, efficient, and useful. Functional Integration lessons are flexible in their approach, determined by the student’s needs. The student may lie comfortably on a table designed specifically for the work, or do some of the lesson sitting or standing. As needed, the teacher may also use various props to support the student’s comfort, to make certain movements easier, or to clarify a movement.

Each Functional Integration lesson relates to a desire, intention, or need of the student. The learning process is carried out without the use of any invasive or forceful procedure. Through rapport and respect for the student’s abilities, qualities, and integrity, the teacher creates an environment in which the student can learn in safety and comfort. The lesson is developed, specifically for the student, custom-tailored to the unique circumstances of that particular person, at that particular moment. The student learns how to reorganize their actions in new and more effective ways through the experience of comfort, enjoyment, and ease of movement.

Awareness Through Movement® (group lessons)

Feldenkrais® group classes are known as Awareness Through Movement® (ATM®) lessons.  The classes use slow, mindful movements to achieve powerful effects in terms of strength, flexibility, relaxation and holistic integration of body and mind. Unique to the Feldenkrais Method® of somatic education is that these lessons tie directly into functional movements of daily life, such as walking efficiently, safely lifting objects, and improving one’s posture in sitting or standing.  The teacher guides students through a sequence of movements, encouraging them to move with gentle attention within a comfortable range, working with the brain and the nervous system rather than directly with the muscles. You may become aware of unexpected and interesting connections within and between the movements. As you pay particular attention to the improving quality of movement, unnecessary muscular tensions throughout the body can reorganize and release. Students are often amazed at the quick and clear changes that occur through the neuromuscular repatterning that happens in an Awareness Through Movement lesson!

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