• Remedial Massage

    If you have particular muscle tension or chronic pain a remedial massage may be for you. The treatment itself may involve deep tissue work for short periods of time, but the results are definitely worth it!

  • Trigger Point Therapy

    A bodywork technique that involves the application of pressure to tender muscle tissue in order to relieve pain and dysfunction both at the site of the trigger point as well as referred pain.

  • Sports Massage

    Prepares for optimum performance and helps prevent injuries.

  • Having A Baby?

    Pregnancy massage eases muscular discomforts and cramps.

  • Deep Tissue Massage

    Great for physical problems,including sports injuries and chronic pain.

  • Meet The Team

    3 Experienced Practitioners who cant wait to look after you!

Revival Massage and Movement Auckland

If you’re looking for a massage in Auckland, the team at Revival Massage and Movement offer a range of services designed to effectively treat movement dysfunction, acute muscle tension, neurological conditions, chronic pain, stress, pregnancy related discomfort as well as your general wellness needs.

Located in Te Atatu Peninsula, West Auckland, the dedicated massage team specialise in remedial massage, deep tissue work, sports and pregnancy massage as well as trigger point therapy.

We also have a Movement and Postural Education Specialist ( The Feldenkrais Method®) who can help anyone seeking more comfortable, efficient, sustainable movement and greater self-awareness for purposes of pain reduction, performance enhancement (day-to-day/athletic/artistic), self-discovery, and quality of life improvement.