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The importance of touch

Skin-on-skin contact from massage is a powerful pain reliever and great way to support your health.

Babies and skin to skin contact

From the get go, babies crave human touch. Studies suggest that without skin-on-skin contact as a baby, our immune systems may suffer as babies who are deprived of touch and general affection are more susceptible to illnesses.

Adults need to be touched too…

People can often go for many days without direct skin-on-skin contact, a basic need that is neglected due to the pressures of everyday life, or isolation.

However, touch is still incredibly important to the healthy functioning of adults. Anyone who has regular massages can tell you that if you’re feeling stressed, a massage will soon calm you down. The relaxing feeling people experience is often a physical reaction to the contact they get from the massage therapist.

Blood pressure has been reported to drop after a massage and cortisol levels can also decrease.  Recent research suggests that the immune function of healthy adults is improved through massage. A study followed two groups of people – one group received a 45-minute massage, and the second group received 45 minutes of lighter touch. The study found that the group who enjoyed a massage were found to have significantly higher numbers of white blood cells – including the cells which help the body fight viruses.

While a massage may not stop a cold in its tracks, research does seem to suggest that regular skin-on-skin contact can give you a much needed boost.

Massage helps you feel good, maintains connections with other people and helps improve general health function by minimising pain, lowering blood pressure and aiding the immune system.  Why not book one today?

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