You can do it, put your back in to it

Ask anyone who’s suffered from ongoing back problems and they will tell you, it’s a pain in the ….back!

Massage therapy is a powerful painkiller and regular massage can alleviate some of the issues associated with chronic back pain, including the ongoing use of medication.

The vicious pain cycle

If you can no longer exercise without being in pain, you can end up in a cycle of inactivity. Giving up on exercise can often make back pain worse, but the back ache you experience stands in the way of exercise. It’s a frustrating loop!

Massage therapy is an effective way to  manage back pain without worrying about the side effects some medications bring.

Research has shown that receiving a regular massage in tandem with taking prescribed medication can be so effective, you could potentially decrease the number of painkillers you need to manage your back pain. And once you’re pain-free, there’s nothing to stop you getting a move on!

How massage can help beat back pain

A massage session isn’t just an exercise in relaxation, it can help to promote tissue repair, improve blood circulation, alleviate stress and improve your mood.

Targeted work on problematic muscles like the quadratus lumborum (QL) and the gluteus medius will allow you to gain more flexibility in your back.

Get in touch with the team at Revival to discuss how a massage treatment plan could help you and your sore back. We offer a variety of different techniques and approaches and can give advice on how to free yourself from pain once and for all.

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